Contracts are an important part of our daily lives. They are used in business and in our personal and our private lives. They are intended to protect parties in a transaction, but unfortunately, when a contract is poorly written or fails to address an important issue, or is breached by one party, the situation can get complicated and legal action might be required. Working with an attorney who understands contracts can help you avoid a variety of common problems to defend or enforce your rights under the contract.

Contracts are often large and filled with “legalese,” making them difficult for a non-expert to understand. It can also be tough to interpret a contract properly when emotions are involved. An attorney can provide an objective opinion and help you make the right decision and help protect your rights based on the circumstances.

Do you have a problem involving a contract? Are you looking for experienced support to help you with reviewing, negotiating or litigating a contract dispute? Paul Steiner can help. For more than 45 years Paul has been helping San Francisco Bay Area individuals and businesses complete contracts or resolve contract disputes when they arise.